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COON is 100% natural, real cheese that is cut straight from the block and has been a part of Australian life since 1931. Our natural COON Cheese comes in a range of sizes and a varieties to suit all your family’s desires.

COON reseal pack
This is the biggest innovation for COON block cheese in 50 years! No other brand of block cheese offers the convenience of a resealable pack. Click here to read more

Click here for a great new way to make your COON Cheese Toastie.

    Block Natural Slices Shredded

250g block pack

500g block pack
COON Tasty - COON Tasty is our original, best and most loved flavour. A must for any sandwich and will melt and bubble nicely under the grill.  Available in block, natural slices, BIG natural slices, shredded and shaved.
COON Light & Tasty - You can have the great taste of COON with 25% less fat. Available in block, natural slices, BIG natural slices, shredded and shaved.
COON Extra Tasty - COON Extra Tasty is natural cheddar cheese with a distinct flavour. Aged for up to 9 months to allow the cheese to mature, COON Extra Tasty is perfect for those wanting extra strong flavour. Available in block, natural slices and shredded.  
COON Colby - COON Colby has a milder and creamy flavour that the whole family will love. This is a great cheese for melting. Available in block and natural slices.    
COON Swiss - A sweet, mild taste adds an extra dimension to a traditional toastie. It melts perfectly and with some smoked ham and tomato makes a gourmet treat. A mild flavour makes it prefect for families. Available in natural slices.        

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